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InnovaKnits is a contract manufacturing company based out of Conover, North Carolina, USA.  We have 30+ years of experience in the Design and Production of Flat Knit Textiles
Our co-founder was programming flatbed knitting machines and working in sweater and high end apparel knitting mills across the USA and abroad by the age of 12!
Over the span of our collective careers, we have worked on a wide array of textile products and projects across a multitude of different industries, including: aerospace, energy, performance athletics, orthotics and prosthetics, molding and composites, hosiery, wearable electronics, and high end fashion and apparel.
Our most recent focus is on the development and production of niche products for the medical, wearable electronics, and technical textiles fields.
We work with all yarn types available and have State of the Art equipment and capability in: 3D / multilayer knitting, complex intarsia patterning, weft and warp inlay of elastics, weft and warp inlay of conductive yarns / wire, plating and feeding of bare spandex, knitting with silicone yarns, knitting with high strength uhmwpe yarns, knit uppers, and biaxially reinforced fabrics.
Let us use this myriad of experience to assist you in your latest flat knit development, consulting / training, or production needs!